Phra That Cho Hae Festival


The Phra That Cho Hae Festival is held in March every year and involves a procession to carry robes to cover the Chedi. Everyone taking part in the parade is dressed in traditional Lanna style. Built in the Sukhothai period, Wat Phra That Cho Hae is the most sacred Buddhism site in Phrae Province. The highlight is the 33-meter-tall Chiang Saen-style pagoda, wrapped with bright brass sheets, which enshrines holy relics of the Lord Buddha. The name of the temple refers to traditional fine silk woven found in Sip Song Panna, which used to wrap the pagoda when the temple was first constructed.










Map showing location of Phra That Cho Hae in Phrae Province:

GPS Coordinates: 18.086296,100.204469

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