Huamum Night Market

Huamum Market & More (ตลาดนัดหัวมุม) is on Kaset-Nawamin Road where it intersects with the Ram Inthra – At Narong expressway. This is in fact where it gets its name as “huamum” means “corner”. As with most night markets, don’t come too early, wait for the sun to set first. Huamum has all the markings of a good night market. It is spread out with a mixture of fashion and accessory shopping, food stalls, restaurants, bars, and more. It also has some character and a good vibe going with the live music. It is easier enough to find a quiet corner and a deserted restaurant. But, elsewhere, some places have long queues of patrons waiting to be seated. If you are not interested in shopping, then this market is still a good place to come and just chill.

Map showing location of Huamum Market & More in Bangkok:

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