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US Ambassador’s Residence in Bangkok

One of the most beautiful residences in Bangkok is occupied by the US Ambassador. The wooden house on stilts, which is surrounded by a lush 10 acre garden, actually belongs to the Crown Property Bureau. The main house was built in 1914 by Henry Victor Bailey, an English architect. Upon his death it was sold to the Finance Ministry in 1920. During the Second World War it was briefly occupied by Japanese troops. In 1947, the Thais leased it to the American government as a token of their gratitude in not punishing them for taking the wrong side during the war. Today, the property is valued at around $90 million. The future is uncertain as the Crown Property Bureau has made it known in the past that it may take back the compound. Let’s hope that they decide to preserve both the house and the gardens. These photos were taken during a Christmas party at the residence.

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Centenary of Bangkok Railway Station


The Bangkok Railway Station, known to local people as Hua Lamphong Station, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The historic station was officially opened on 25th June 1916. This is the main railway station in Bangkok. It is situated in the center of the city in Pathum Wan District. However, its days are numbered as this terminal station will be relocated to Bang Sue in northern Bangkok in 2019. This is due to congestion and traffic problems at railway crossings. It’s believed that the present 100 year old station in Bangkok will become a railway museum.

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French Ambassador’s Residence in Bangkok

French Embassy in Bangkok

Every year, people in France have a chance to visit the hidden treasures of less well-known sites such as banks, courts, prefectures, chambers of commerce etc., all sorts of buildings that are usually closed to the public or rarely visited. European Heritage Days in France are held on the third weekend of September. In Bangkok we also have a chance to join European Heritage Days by visiting the French Embassy. The original building dates back to the 1830’s, however it has been added onto extensively during the 20th Century. Then during the last decade it went through another series of renovations to modernize it. During the open day, you are allowed up to the living room and large dining room on the second floor, then down to the reception room on the ground floor and the swimming pool around the back.

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